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This clip is taken from a series of short IDs created by local graphic design students.
176KB RV9 Flower blow
Feb 22 - This set of IDs debuted at 6.00pm before the evening news. They are kept extremely simple, using a single camera shot and then fading the plain white 'One' logo on-screen. These idents were the first that included the TV One web address '' (however it is not seen in this particular ID).
178KB RV9 Farmer
This is a short ID celebrating 40 years of television in New Zealand. It shows the 1975 TV One ID (seen below in full) morph into the current One logo.
69.3KB RV9 1975 (No Sound)
c. 1980s-1995
This sequence was used by both TVNZ channels to close down the network after each days broadcasting and was popular with kids who often asked for it to be played on New Zealand's only TV request show 'I Like That One 2'. It was retired in 1995 when 24 hour broadcasting was introduced. It should be noted that when South Pacific Television was on air in the 70's that there was an alternate version with the kiwi closing the flaps on both sides of a camera, which is where he lived before moving to the satellite dish. This clip wasn't as colourful as the one available here and ended with the South Pacific Television logo and name.
704KB RV9 TV One c. 1995

Here you can see a still from an identification in 1992, when the station had adopted the slogan 'New Zealand's ONE'.
Another flashy, sophisticated ID continuing on with the glass-logo theme that had been adopted over the past few years.
248KB WMV7 8sec ID
Here we see the ONE logo rise from the ocean, then fly over a computer generated map of New Zealand with local scenes appearing on the screen. This ID uses a cut of the music used in the ident before it (below). At the end of the ID the glass panel behind the logo, which had been used in some numerous idents before it, fades back into the sky. This could have signified the end for the panel, as in the IDs after it (above) the panel is nowhere to be seen.
425KB WMV7 15sec ID
A TV One identification from the late 1980s, with a glass theme that seemed to be the style with TV stations right around the world at that time.
127KB RV9 10sec ID
This ID uses what (at the time) were some very cool camera effects. This was one of the last identifications to use the word 'Television' next to the ONE logo.
225KB WMV7 8sec ID
This was the first ID used after TV One and South Pacific Television merged to form the TVNZ corporation. It was promised the two channels would provide complimentary programming, which showed in the fact they both used the exact same ident (except with an inverted logo and a different number of course!). However it wasn't long before the 2 channels took different paths and became the totally different broadcasters they are today (with different IDs!).
349KB WMV7 12sec ID
Here is a TV One ID from 1975, with a simple yet effective animation highlighting the use of colour on television, which had only been introduced in New Zealand a few years earlier. You can also watch the TV One opening sequence with Douglas Stevenson from 1 April 1975 (with an explaination voice over), the day when NZBC became TV One.
263KB RV9 20sec ID
655KB WMV7 1/4/75 Station Opener (with v/o)
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