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Here we see some news openers used by TV One during 1989, including the nightly 'Network News at Six' and the world news programme 'EyeWitness News' opener. The Network News bulletin is read by Judy Bailey and Richard Long (whos voices can also be heard narrating various video clips throughout the site), with Angela D'Audney presenting the EyeWitness News.
703KB WMV7 EyeWitness News

Over to TV2, who were also producing their own news bulletins alongside TV One, and we see a news update in the style of the then current TV2 identification read by Louise Pagonis.
405KB WMV7 Newsbreak
TV One brought back regional news services during the 1980s after an absence from our screens since the mid-70s. Here we see a compilation of openers from the 4 bulletins around the country - Auckland's Top Half, Dunedin's The South Tonight, Christchurch's The Mainland Touch and Wellington's Today Tonight.
366KB WMV7 Compilation (with v/o)
692KB WMV7 Today Tonight full-length

This is a clip from a South Pacific Television 'News At Ten' opener, and features a spiel on New Zealand's first female newsreader Jenny Goodwin.
301KB RV9 SPTV News At Ten (with v/o)
Here are the TV One and South Pacific Television news openers from the time of the Mt. Erebus disaster in Antarctica. As the voice-over explains, pictures of the plane wreck took days to reach New Zealand as there were no video links or satellites to relay images across the ocean.
The newsreader in the TV One News bulletin is Bill McCarthy, with Tom Bradley presenting News at Six.
644KB WMV7 TV One News
743KB WMV7 SPTV News at Six

A clip from a NZBC Network News opener during the early 1970's. This video also features the 3 main newsreaders of the era; Bill Toft, Phillip Sherry and Douglas Stevenson.
939KB WMV7 NZBC Network News
A NZBC news bulletin from 1966 read by Bill Toft.
675KB WMV7 NZBC Reports
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Special thanks to Damien Service for providing some of the videos on this page!