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Channel 4 Television

On 2 October 1996, TV3 announced that it would launch a new free-to-air network, TV4, on VHF frequencies in mid 1997 as a complementary broadcaster to TV3.
TV4 was launched by CanWest (owner of TV3) on 29 June 1997, with boxing match 'Tyson vs. Holyfield 2'.
TV4 is aimed at the 15-39 year old age group, and a more upbeat audience. It currently reaches around 75% of New Zealand's population.
TV4 began trasmission on SKY's digital platform on 1 January, 2000.
On Friday, October 3 2003, at 8pm TV4 changed to C4, becoming a music-video channel. C4 is focused on the youth-market, playing music-videos alongside shows like South Park and Jackass.

Short and sharp IDs for the new look of C4 in 2003. Obviously inspired by MTV promos, these IDs feature music artists announcing the fact your watching C4 then quickly cutting to a simple slide of the C4 logo.
117KB RV9 DJ Greenland
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