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These IDs for the new 3 logo introduced in 2003 are very slick and stylish. They use the square blocks like the ones in the new logo as a big design feature, especially in the signpost video below.
139KB RV9 Designer
326KB RV9 Signpost & School Boy

A new look for 3 News with the introduction of the new logo. The video seen here is a short closer used after all 3 News updates.
63.1KB RV9 News Closer
c. 1995
Turn Around, Look At 3
From the mid 1990's, this TV3 identification shows scenes of people helping other people out in the New Zealand outdoors, set to a remix of the song 'Turn Around, Look At Me' by The Bee Gees.
693KB WMV9 1min
Here you can see the first identification for the new television channel TV3, which opened in 1989. TV3 was the first privately owned national television station in NZ, breaking the monopoly held by the government-owned TVNZ for the past 29 years.
447KB WMV7 Generic
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Special thanks to Damien Service and Alex Mayo for providing the TV3 videos on this page!