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March 6 - A new logo for 2 along with a new set of idents. The logo and IDs are suspiciously similar to that of BBC2 in the UK.
290KB RV9 Ink in Water
In The Neighbourhood
Feb 1 - A group of new, longer identifications were introduced to TV2. They feature actual video footage of New Zealand, rather than just a digital sequence as has been used in the past. The TV2 logo is never centered on the screen, and is always too big that the whole logo doesn't fit on screen. To begin with the web address was not seen in the IDs, but it was added later in Feburary.
376KB RV9 Generic

A revamp for 2 in 2003, with the introduction of short cool IDs with different versions for different colours. We also see the introduction of the colour bar under the 2 logo, which originated on Channel 5 in the UK and has been seen on many stations around the world since. The TV2 web address also appears in the ID.
You can also see an ident used during kids programmes in the morning.
64.4KB RV9 Purple
65.0KB RV9 Christmas '03
130KB RV9 2 Kids - Balloon Animals
A similar ident to the one below, however this one sees the Channel 2 logo end lit up in neon lights.
245KB WMV7 Generic

Presenting Channel 2 as the entertainment station, this was the first TV2 identification to use the new Channel 2 logo. If you are a regular browser to, this video will probably look familiar to you. It was created by the Video Paint Brush Company, a NZ computer animation firm, which also created the image packages for TV One and the Seven Network in Australia. If you have a look at some Seven IDs from 1989/1990 on Australia, you will see a very familiar look and feel to them.
366KB WMV7 Generic ID
470KB WMV7 Mini Series Opener

Also included here are some Kiwi and the Cat IDs used during kids programmes on Channel 2. The pair became very popular characters, and continued on NZ television for many years after.
344KB WMV7 Magician
357KB WMV7 Graffiti
161KB WMV7 Circus
189KB WMV7 Batman
A trick used by Channel 2's around the globe here, taking the middle three letters of NETWORK to fade into the word TWO. Cool glass effects but still a relatively simple identification.
346KB WMV7 Generic
Here is a TV2 ID continuing with the TVNZ theme of red, blue and white. During the 1980s TV2 changed logos almost as often as it changed identifications, as we see with this rare 2 logo.
220KB WMV7 Generic
This was the first ID used after South Pacific Television (which changed to TV Two) and TV One merged to form the TVNZ corporation. It was promised the two channels would provide complimentary programming, which showed in the fact they both used the exact same ident (except with an inverted logo and a different number of course!). However it wasn't long before the 2 channels took different paths and became the totally different broadcasters they are today (with different IDs!).
349KB WMV7 Generic
An extremly simple animation used as an identification for South Pacific Television.
282KB WMV7 Generic ID
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Special thanks to Damien Service for providing some of the videos on this page!