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TVNZ New Zealand

In April 1964 the NZBC formally asked the government for the approval of a second television channel, but it was turned down as the priority was to complete primary coverage around the country before any additional services were offered.
In 1970 an enquiry was began into the need for a second channel, and by 1971 two proposals were being considered; the NZBC's 2nd non commertial channel and the Independent Television Corporation. The Broadcasting Authority was in favour of Independent Television's bid, but in 1972 the Labour Party came into power and awarded the licence to NZBC before any formal hearings could take place. $50,000 compensation was eventually awarded to the losing applicant.
On 1 April 1975, the NZBC was split into 3 seperate state owned corporations;
Television One, Television Two and Radio New Zealand. The Avalon Television Centre in Wellington opened that day and became the headquarters of TV One. WNTV1 and DNTV2 studios were used for TV One, while AKTV2 Auckland and CHTV3 Christchurch studios were used for TV Two.
TV Two began broadcasting in Auckland and Christchurch on 30 June 1975, opening with a Telethon for the St. John's Ambulance Service. Wellington coverage began in November.
As there was only one national link, and TV One had priority, TV Two used the link overnight to feed the next days programmes between Auckland and Christchurch so they could be broadcast simultaneously.
In 1976 Television Two was renamed South Pacific Television.
In 1980 South Pacific Television (which changed back to TV2) and TV One were merged to form
Television New Zealand (TVNZ), with the promise of 'complementary programming'.
In 1981, tendors were called for the supply of programmes for TV2's morning slot. The following year Northern Television began producing programmes as the first private enterprise TV broadcaster in the country. In 1983 however, Northern TV was forced to close due to high costs and low advertising revenue.
The government debated selling TV2 to a private enterprise in 1983, but it never actually happened.
In November 1989 TV2 rebranded itself 'Channel 2', but in 1995 it went back to calling itself TV2.
On 19 October 1994 the famous Goodnight Kiwi went to air for the last time, as the following night TV2 began 24 hour transmissions.
On 1 December 2001, both TVNZ channels commenced broadcasting on the Sky Digital Satellite service.

Channel 2's 'Kiwi and the Cat'

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