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Prime Television NZ
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Prime Television
Prime Television New Zealand Ltd

In July 1997, Prime Television Australia acquired 34 UHA licences in New Zealand, covering all major cities and towns. The licences were purchased from United Christian Broadcasting International for approximately AUS$3.6 million.
Prime Telelvision New Zealand began broadcasting on Sunday, 30 August 1998 at 6.30pm. It mostly screened classic brittish programming, documentaries, sports and dramas aimed at the 30 plus audience.
Prime's terrestrial broadcast covers 65% of the population, although in October 1998, Prime was the first terrestrial channel added to the Sky Satellite Service, potentially reaching the whole New Zealand population.
In February 2002, Prime entered into a joint venture with the Nine Network Australia to provide New Zealand with Nine's own programming. This enabled Prime to screen quality Australian programming as well as first-run movies and shows from the USA. This completely changed the lineup of Prime, now appealing to a broader demographic.